PKZ Keramika Postorna a.s. is a company with more than 130 years long tradition. First bricks were baked in 1867 in a so called lichtestein's brick-yard and in subsequent years the range of products was extended about roofing, tiles, wall tiles, drainages and other building constituents. Before the First World War the production consisted of 4 main ranges of products:

  • Pavement and mosaic flags and tiles
  • stoneware pipes and clinkers
  • Roofing and slotted slates, drainages and building blocks
  • Tile and other glazed products

Product form Postorna became very popular in whole Europe and supplies went even to South America. The best known were supplies for significant church and public buildings in Vienna ad other towns of Austria-Hungary (for example Cathedral of Saint Stephan in Vienna, Moravia palace in Brno and many others).

In the times between First and Second World War changed the company its owners and it became a part of Rakovnik's plants in Czech. Most of factory equipment and products was replaced right here and thus the plant in Postorna fell into crisis. There were only two products in the production:

  • brickers products
  • Sanitation and agricultural stoneware

Changes brought the times after the Second World War, when the plant was first incorporated into Moravian-Silesia brick-yards, so as an independent Postorna's company was established in 1950. First the production of brick products was increased and then production of sanitary pipes. There was an important turning point in 1965-66, when brick production was finisher ad production of stoneware started in new buildings. Company in Postorna was then the largest producer of stoneware in CSSR. In the 70's and 80's were produced:

  • sanitary stoneware
  • chemical stoneware
  • agricultural stoneware

Primarily as an addition garden stoneware was developed, but the amount of production increased during a time and became an important export article.


The 90's were for the company another turning point. The market of stoneware dramatically changed in consequences of social, economical and political changes and demand for such kind of products minimized. There was a large restructuring of the plant in the 90's. Unproductive parts of the company were liquidated and the bearer of pottery traditions became public limited company PKZ – utility stoneware, originally only a subsidiary firm. Nowadays PKZ Keramika Postorna a.s. is one of the best known producer and exporter of high quality stoneware suitable for anyhow demanding applications.

Current production consists of small serial and custom production in these ranges of production:

  • Drawn pavement, facings, stoneware roofing
  • Sewer stoneware
  • Garden and utility stoneware
  • Special chemical stoneware
  • Chimney liners

More than a half of production is exported to many countries of the Europe, mainly for companies in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. Supplies from Postorna are directed to polar circle in Sweden as well as to heats of Kuwait and thus the company follow export traditions of famous lichtenstein's pottery from nineteen century.