Products - Stoneware vessel for wine

Stoneware vessels for wine have for small producers many advantages:

  • We produce them in various sizes. They are shaped such way so as their alignment in racks conform with esthetical demands on cellar arrangement.
  • They occupy small space and thus there are possibilities to use even small cellars.
  • They can be hermetical closed and wine level can be without any contact with air.
  • They can be very well and easy washed after discharge without difficult manipulation, as it would be in case of demijohns or small barrels.
  • Washing ceramic vessels enables wide upper orifice and smooth and firm surface of vessels.
  • Sludge removal enables well molded bottom.
  • Vessels stand opened after washing and drying and there is no need of special care until they are used. It could be appreciated by ones who have wine production as a hobby and mostly have not enough time for giving special care their equipment.
  • Stoneware vessels comply with all demands for production of modern fresh wines as well as vessels of stainless steel that are nowadays mostly recommended. Their advantage is lower price and mainly there are quite no profits from production of steel vessels in such small amount of production.

Technical parameters:

Stoneware vessel is supplied as a set with cover, 2 pieces of stoneware stopper and safety drain-stopper. Cover closeness is guaranteed by precise grinding of contact surface. It is done with help of diamond tools. Outside and inside surface is made of brown natural stoneware what is a hygienic material without any negative health effect.

Vessel seating:

Bottom of vessels is shaped to the drain hole. In case of draining vessel it is enough to put the vessel horizontal or into mild inclination to the front side. Vessels are put on concrete bases. Between bottom of the vessel and concrete base is put wooden board or rubber.

Cleaning and maintenance:

  • There is no need to manipulate with vessels considering the shape of bottom.
  • Easy access inside the vessel and control with light is possible thanks to 24 cm large lid.
  • We can clean inside surface with stream of water, sponge or brush with prolonged handle.
  • There is no need of special care about outside surface. We can clean with common preparations.


  • For easy releasing grinded stoppers we recommend to coat grinded parts of stoppers with thin layer of cellar wax "TAFERMIT".
  • Avoid any stroke by hard items to stoneware vessels.