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Production of PKZ Keramika Postorna, a.s.


All products of our company are made for wide area of usage. The advantage of our products is in using of high-quality, natural and ecologic materials that are very comfortable and of course cheap. The level of quality corresponds with norms of the EU and it is kept under very strict controls of the State Testing Institute in Plzen. But there are even higher levels of quality inherent in our products that make us a very good competitor for the best European producers.

The philosophy of produced pavements and facings is return to the nature. Basic characteristics are fair-faced surface, porous structure and natural colours. In addition there are many more positive qualities – high firmness and frost resistance. These qualities together predetermine our products for using for gardens, ways and pavements about houses, outside water areas and pools. Stoneware facings of ventilated hanging facades with new innovated construction for older as well as modern buildings single out their individuality and modern natural style. Practically unlimited shape variability, given by traction technology, enables to fill out the most demanding individual customer wishes, whereas high quality overreaching strict European norms is the matter of fact. Stoneware glazed roofing manufactured per order is our specific product. This roofing is mostly used for roofs of prominent religious and secular buildings. Its high quality, practically unlimited durability, glaze at customer's request, wide area of accessories as ridge tiles, lilies and waterspouts together make this products to be a requisite product for buildings in whole Europe.

Stoneware sewer is a traditional product that occupies most of technical and manufacturing capacities of our company. Present area of products consists of sewer segments, troughs, grooves, acid-resistant bricks, sewer plates, gullies and many other accessories including one-metre pipes and turnings 150 mm and 200 mm. Innovation of the area of products and increasing of quality level enabled company penetration on demanding European markets. Although the production of 1,5m long sewer pipes and turnings 250mm and 300 mm with polyurethane joints was cancelled according to company business strategy, in present days the production of large-scale dimensioned pipes with average of 400 mm and 1000 mm and 2 m long is renewed. It is enabled on the basis of purchasing a new technology. In this case is our company the only producer in central Europe.

Large-calibre chimney inlets are from view of size of their production and technical and quality level very important product. PKZ Ceramic Postorna a.s. is an exclusive supplier of inlets with calibre from 250 mm up to 800 mm for company Shiedel and it means most of large-scale dimensioned chimneys supplied by this company anywhere in the Europe contain inlets from PKZ. This fact points to high level of quality of the production.

Garden, utility and decorative products are characterized by high part of qualified handwork and unique artistic interpretation of products. Own propositions are done by design centre in PKZ and there are projected imaginations and wishes of customers. Besides common production handmade products are characteristic products of the company that particularly in case of larger products have no competitors in the Czech republic. Quality level of the production is based on wide scale of quality glazes. This scale is constantly extended according to customer's ideas. Seasonal colours, you can see in catalogues for trade network, are chosen by this scale. From high demands on quality an artistic interpretation of the production of garden stoneware benefits the production of utility and decorative stoneware, that is made in the same factory. Products from group of gastro, town, garden and cemetery goods as well as products for breeders and farmers are quality and in addition esthetical.

PKZ Keramika Postorna a.s. is a dominant producer of special chemical stoneware in the Czech republic and the largest exporter. This success is based on long-time experience with using of stoneware in chemical and food industry and inseparable high quality of our products. All products are certified in area of chemical resistance and suitable for sanitary use. These certificates are regularly renewed. To the most important advantages of chemical ceramic belong good price accessibility and large competitive strength on the market of components for chemical and food industry.